France – SOS Racisme

Founded in 1984, SOS Racisme is historically and geographically the most established and the most active antiracist youth organization in France and in Europe.

Spontaneously created after massive demonstrations for Equality by young intellectuals, activists and political leaders, SOS Racisme now covers the entire French territory and has a strong permeating influence on French civil society and politics.

For 28 years, SOS Racisme has been fighting against racism, antisetimitism and racial discriminations in France and abroad. It advocates for a mixed society, a peaceful social cohesion and a “living together” ideal. It opposes at the same time xenophobic and nationalistic arguments from the far right movements and communitarian and segregated conceptions of society.

Its main activities include :

The support to victims of racism and racial discrimination. It provides legal assistance to victims, especially young ones, by taking legal actions to condemn hatred speeches and discriminatory and racist behaviours.

It was the first NGO to use Situation Testing to reveal discriminatory practices on the work place and any field of the French society. Doing so, it unveils deeply grounded negative racial representations that prevent young people from fully accessing society. Doing so, it is able to sue discriminatory companies or premises in trials with large media impacts.

SOS Racisme also provides advices and legal assistance to migrants and refugees by helping them to overcome administrative barriers.

SOS Racisme is deeply concerned with the situation of youth in France and abroad and has always adopted a youth mainstreaming approach in all its activities. It relies on the idea a tolerant and diversify youth is the future of Europe. Therefore, all our actions involve and target young people.

The NGO is then deeply attached to memory and remembrance issues. Indeed, it considers they are inherently linked to the antiracist activity in order to allow youth to evolve in a peaceful society built on accurate historical facts. Therefore, it has organized several « Remembrance trips » of young people to Poland and numerous conferences on the Shoah.

SOS Racisme lobbies the national institutions and key political leaders to obtain legal improvements and clear political positioning on issues of racism, discrimination and integration.

It organizes massive cultural events (concerts, festivals, shows) as an opportunity to gather stakeholders from civil society, to raise awareness on discrimination, racism and solidarity. On July 14th 2012, SOS Racisme gathered 1.2 million people in central Paris for a concert for Equality.

Finally, SOS Racisme also acts internationally. It has led or been involved in numerous European wide actions such as a meeting of youth antiracist NGOs from 30 countries (Paris November 2010), two European testing Nights in 2011 (respectively in 14 and 7 European countries) and a Roma Pride in October 2011 in 7 countries. It is also involved in the Arab Spring by being in contact with young democratic forces in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. It has organized a conference on Arab revolutions in Paris (Spring 2011).

51 avenue de Flandre
75 019 Paris

Call: 01 40 35 36 55
Mail: comiteparis.sosracisme@gmail.com