Staff members

 Christopher Metz

 Staff Coordinator and Development Officer

Christopher Metz is a former student of King’s College London and has been working with EGAM since 2014. Graduating in Hispanic, Portuguese and Brazilian studies, his main area of focus was post-colonial Latin America and spent time living in Mexico and Brazil. With EGAM, he has focused on projects for the European Situation Testing Campaign, Youth Training Seminars alongside the Sarajevo Film Festival and commemorations of the Armenian, Tutsi and Srebrenica genocides.


Ievgeniia Sokova

Administrative and Project Manager

Ievgeniia obtained her bachelor’s degree at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (Ukraine) and then came to France in September 2013 for the Master’s programme “European literature and culture” at the University Lille 3. Being interested in international relations and building bridges between cultures, she joined EGAM in August 2015 through the Service Civique programme and starting from August 2017 has become the administrative and project manager. Aside of other projects, she is in charge of the «Sarajevo-sur-Seine» Film Festival.


 Fiore Poidevin

 Service Civique

Fiore graduated from a Bachelors degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology from Brighton University (UK). She also possesses a Masters degree in Applied Ethics from Linkoping University (Sweden) where she wrote her thesis on the curtailment of human rights through counter-terrorist measures. During her studies and after, Fiore has always been active in the civil society. She worked at Radio Free Brighton as a presenter of a radio show defending human rights, or as a coordinator of workshops and debates on the questions of gender equality and refugees in Sweden and Greece. She recently finished a research as part of her European Voluntary Service on the relationship between the Orthodox community and Muslim Minority of Western Thrace, Greece.


Andrea Oglagea

Fundraising and Development Officer

Andreea has graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and a Masters Degree in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. During her studies, she focused on the interconnections between grassroots solidarity, migrant protest and citizenship in Europe, and worked with the British Red Cross in London. She joined EGAM in 2016 and in her free time volunteers with CNRR Romania. 


 Ana Elena Kelly

 Service Civique

Ana Elena graduated from University of Bordeaux with a Bachelor in Social and       Economic Administration. She then obtained her Master’s degree in International Law, majoring in Human Rights. She has volunteered for UNICEF programs in Mexico and interned for the Mexican Embassy in Paris where she developed a keen interest in women’s rights and fight against discrimination.


Olivier Guérin

 Service Civique

Olivier is studying political science and history at Sciences Po Toulouse, where he focuses on Human Rights and International Law. Before joining EGAM he was the vice-president of SOS Racisme Toulouse where he organised protests, political campaigns against far right parties as well as school interventions. 



Martina Melchiori

Service Civique

Martina graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Studies form the University of Trieste (Italy). While working at the Territorial Commission for Recognition of International Protection, she focused primarily on the issue of  immigration. She has  been a member and activist of the European Federalists Movement since 2014.


Issouf Ag Aguidid

Service Civique

Issouf Ag Aguidid is a refugee from Mali. He left his home city in 2012 after the jihadist crisis arrived in his country. He and his family ended up in Niger in 2012. In 2014, during his stay in Niger, he volunteered at the UNHCR High Council of Refugees in collaboration with Save the Children as a tamasheq and songhai interpreter. This experience sparked his desire to work on the side of the oppressed, and he found the means to do so here at EGAM.



Christopher Brown


Christopher Brown is an International Relations and European Studies major at the Frederick S. Pardee school of Global Studies at Boston University. His studies have focused upon the history and development of European society, and he has written multiple articles for the International Relations Review surrounding policies of humanitarian action and French politics. At EGAM, he hopes to rediscover his admirtion for the unity and diversity of the European Union and its people.